Employees deserve room to experiment and make mistakes

For C Magazine Katinka Huijberts and Marianne Jaarsma of PROOF (agency for employee alignment and employer branding) talked to three CEOs about their role in the knowledge, will and ability of employees. Because there’s no denying it: employee alignment – especially now that organizations have to move along even faster with a rapidly changing market, society and customer needs – is increasingly higher on the agenda in boardrooms. And fortunately so. How agile an organization is – and how great the chance of success of changes is – depends on three factors: to what extent employees feel informed about the course (know), are motivated to contribute (want) and feel supported (can). Marinka Nooteboom, CEO of Royal Nooteboom Group, Ton Goedmakers, CEO of Vebego and Arjan Eriks, Managing Director of Schuberg Philis explain. Three leaders from a variety of organizations, with their own vision and approach to employee alignment.

“My father said: your management style will not work for us. He has since come back to this,” says Marinka Nooteboom, Managing Director of Royal Nooteboom Group.